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Dental Check-ups During Covid in Marrickville

Dr Santosh Bassi, Dr Daniel James and the entire Garners Dental team are dedicated to providing you with the finest general and family dental health care in Marrickville. As a long standing dental practice serving the community of Marrickville since 1968, we love meeting the needs of dental patients of all ages. We understand that during the Covid Pandemic many people have put off seeing a dentist but there is no need, we have a Covid safe plan so worry no more, come here for your next dental check-up and see the difference.

The importance of regular dental check-ups

Every patient has heard their dentist talk about the importance of having regular dental check-ups and we know that many people wonder if they are really necessary? But those that do have them, learn the reason why. It is because they rarely have unexpected problems. Their oral health is good, and that is mainly due to the regular check-ups.

Benefits of seeing a dentist

For example, it is possible to have dental problems and not experience any pain, making some think that they don’t need a check-up. When you have a dental check-up we do more than clean your teeth. Check-ups are often a preventive appointment to determine the current oral health of patients. More important, check-ups not only support good oral health, they also support their overall general health.

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