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Dental crowns and bridges are prosthetic teeth, natural in appearance, which are affixed to existing teeth or dental implants to replace the missing teeth. By replacing the missing tooth, full functionality is restored with natural looking aesthetics. They are permanent fixed replacements which do not need to be removed like dentures.

A crown is a small cover which is engineered to slip over the existing damaged tooth. The crown is used to strengthen the tooth while also improving its shape, colour and function. Crowns can also be designed to replace missing teeth, which are then attached to dental implants which have been placed in the jaw. This provides a full replacement tooth which is easily colour matched to your teeth creating a natural appearing finish with full functionality.

Bridges are also commonly used to replace missing teeth, whether it is one, two or more. Bridges attach to the teeth on either side of the missing tooth or to a dental implant. The bridge spans the gap where the replacement tooth is required with the replacement tooth affixed to the bridge in the correct position.

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